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"I really liked Synergy Medical & Chiropractic as a place to go for my chiropractic treatments, though I loved the massage just as much, if not more. My favorite massage therapist would have to be Heather. She’s amazing! Not to mention the fact that everyone at the desk always knows who I am and my boyfriend so checking in is never a problem." *

- D John and Kat

"Dr. Kooner is a fantastic chiropractor. The staff are very friendly, the office is modern and able to facilitate many different treatment options. Came in with headaches but after after a few adjustments they were cleared up." *

- Jonathan

"I used to experience lower back pain sitting in various positions, as well as neck pain when I’d be sitting at my desk at work. After only a few weeks of treatment, I no longer suffer from either one! The treatment works tremendously well, and the staff are genuinely friendly and very helpful!" *

- David

"The Doctors and Staff at the office are excellent. Synergy Medical & Chiropractic has so many services!! It is refreshing to see wellness and medical care blending so well! The office really has a philosophy and set of principles and they stand by it. I m always glad to come and receive care and recommend it highly to anyone wanting to get healthier and out of pain." *

- Malik

"Great experience at Dr. Kooners office. All the staff are friendly, massage therapists are great and Dr. Kooner is the best chiropractor I have seen. So far, my headaches have disappeared, and I no longer need allergy medication." *

- Ellen

"Great Staff/Front Desk. Dr. Kooner was very thorough and professional in explaining the reasons of my back pain. I highly recommend anyone to go to Synergy Medical & Chiropractic." *

- Sonny


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